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 **If your swimmer will NOT be participating in this meet you MUST complete an entry form – there will be a spot to say you are not participating.

**13 & Over silver bronze Champs is on Saturday 3/4 & Sunday 3/5 at Peddie School (180 E. Etra Rd. Hightstown, NJ)

** This is a championship meet for silver and bronze swimmers. Any swimmer can enter as long as they have a time for the event AND the time is within the meet requirements.  SEE MEET ELIGIBILITY REPORT

**If you sign up for events you do not have times in, you will NOT be entered in those events as NJ Swimming does not allow “no time” to be used as an entry time.

**The meet eligibility report will list which events your swimmers has qualified in.  If there is NOT a time listed for an event DO NOT sign up for that event.

**See the event list for information on which events are when.

**Swimmers may swim up to 3 individual events per day for a total for 6 individual events for the meet. There is an entry fee of $5 per event ($11 for 1000 or 1650 events). If you sign up to swim you are responsible for the entry fees even if you scratch from the meet.

** New Jersey Swimming allows swimmers to compete in 3 individual events per day. Swimmers may enter as many events as they qualify for (and pay entry fees) but must scratch down to 3 events prior to the start of the session.  If a swimmer is not scratched down to three events, then the first three entered events that are contested will then be considered as the three events that the swimmer is eligible to compete in.


** The entry deadline is 9AM on SATURDAY FEB 18th.   NO late or emailed entries will be accepted. The entry form will not be available after 9AM on 2/18.  The entry form will automatically disappear from the website.  IF YOU ARE GOING AWAY FOR THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES BEFORE YOU LEAVE

**Be sure to include the event # AND event description (#11 100 back).  If entries are NOT submitted in the correct format, Chris is NOT responsible for any errors or omissions in the entries.

**If you have multiple swimmers you must complete a separate form for each swimmer. ** If you make an error or want to change events, you can change your entry form as many times as needed before the entry deadline.  Entry submissions can be found on the gator website (you must be logged in with your user name and password).  Otto can help with any problems.  ** Once the entry deadline has passed there is an additional fee imposed by the meet host for corrections.

**If you do not have escrow, you will receive an invoice next week.  Payment is due within 3 days of receiving the invoice to avoid a $20 late fee.  If any swimmer has an outstanding balance after 3/1 their swimmer will NOT receive their team gift at the banquet.

** Swimmers age for the meet is calculated as of 3/4/17

** The qualifying period for this meet is 1/1/16 to 2/12/17.  Any times achieved prior to 1/1/16 can NOT be used to enter the meet.  (Returning swimmers – if your swimmers times are different on the eligibility report as compared to the top times this is the reason)

**Once entries are accepted by the host club they will be posted on the website.

** If you are unsure or have any questions please contact Chris at entries@jerseygatorsparents.com

** A few days before the meet, Michelle will receive an email with pre-meet info including information regarding sessions the gators are required to provide timers for. If your swimmer signed up for a session that has to provide timers, you are expected to help time and will be assigned a timing assignment.