Parent Participation Contract


Swimming is a volunteer-intensive sport.  A swim meet requires many people to make it run efficiently.  Fortunately, our team has been very successful in running our meets.  However, more and more we find that it is always the same parents running the meet.  Most of these parents don’t mind doing it, but the part that does get them is “hunting others down”.  It is impossible to run these meets without everyone’s help. We have approximately six (6) dual meets and one (1) USS Meet (Gator Grid Iron) per season at our pool.  If you have any questions regarding the following, please contact Parent Association at

In order for our meets to run smoothly we are asking parents for:

  1. Volunteering at a minimum of 3 dual meets (applies only to participating families –
  2. Gator Grid Iron (1sessions per swimmer MAX 2 sessions per family.)
  3. $55.00 per swimmer Parent Association Fee
  4. Be a timer for USA Invitational Meets as needed or your child will not be allowed to register for the next invitational
  5. Concession Items/Baked Goods to be used at the concessions table at home meets and food donations for Gator Grid Iron.  


Each family who has swimmers that swim the dual meets are asked to work a minimum of 3 dual meets whether home or away.  Jobs include but are not limited to set-up and clean-up, Timers, runner, poster, concessions, 50/50, starter, referee, officials, Colorado timing system.  An email from signup genius will be sent prior to each meet.

The Jersey Gators Parents Association Board reserves the right to review any member and assess a $150 penalty for lack of participation


Parents of ALL Gator swimmers must work the Grid Iron Meet even if your swimmer is NOT participating.  Families with 1 swimmer are required to work 1 full session.  Families with 2 or more swimmers are required to work 2 full sessions or 2 parents can work the same session.  A Sign-up genius will be emailed prior to the meet. Any family not signed up will be assigned sessions to work.  Any family that does NOT fulfill their volunteer commitment will be charged $150 by the Parent Association. The Gator GridIron is scheduled for 12/8/19. Please mark your calendar.

The Jersey Gators Parents Association Board reserves the right to review any member and assess a $150 penalty for lack of participation

USA MEETS (Invitational Meets)

At USS Meets the Gators are given timing assignments by the host team.  If your swimmer is entered in a USS Meet and the Gators are given a timing assignment for that session you are expected to time for a part of the meet.  The length of time at each meet will vary and depend upon the number of swimmers attending the session. A timing coordinator brings the watch to each meet.  A few days prior to the meet, you will receive an email which will have the timing assignments. Any family who officiates will be exempt. If the Gators fail to fulfill the timing assignments swimmers can and have been in the past scratched by the host club from the meet.  Attending the meet, but refusing to fulfill your timing assignment could result in your child not being allowed to register for the next dual meet.