We hope everyone is healthy and ready for the upcoming winter season. The information below details dates and information we have for now. As information becomes available it will be emailed and posted on the Gator website. Please check your email and the gator website (www.jerseygatorsparents.com) regularly. Make sure to add jerseygators@jerseygatorsparents.com AND entries@jerseygatorsparents.com to your safe list so the emails don’t go to the spam folder.

Preseason Long Course Practices

Starting Monday 9/9/19 we will be swimming Long Course practice outside from 4:30pm to 6:00 pm. Practices are held Monday through Friday until the cold chills the Gators into the warmth of the indoor pool. We will not have access to locker room facilities so the swimmers must wear their bathing suits to and from the pool. We ask that you arrive to pick up your swimmers prior to 6:00pm. At 6:00 the facility gates will be locked and your swimmers will be waiting for you outside the gates unsupervised. There is no additional fee for these practices and it is open to the Senior Practice Groups only.

Regular Indoor Practice

Regular indoor practice according to your groups practice schedule will begin on Monday 9/23/19 at your group’s specified time.

Pool Registration for Team Members

All swim team members are required to have a current winter pool membership.

Registration information regarding pool membership and applications can be found on the pool website at www.cranford.com/pool and at the pool. Pool membership questions can be directed to the pool facility at 908-709-7260.

Swim team members have until 10/7/19 to activate a winter pool membership. After this date, swimmers will NOT be permitted entrance into the facility for practice. Once indoor practice begins please make sure the swimmers have their pool cards as they need to scan in upon entering the facility.

Tryouts for New Team Prospects

Tryouts for swimmers who were NOT part of last year’s team are required.

Tryouts will be as follows:

Swimmers age Tryout Date Check in time
10 & Over Tuesday, 9/10/19 4:15pm with chris at the back tables
9 & Under Wednesday 9/11/19 4:15pm with Chris at the back tables

Swimmer’ age for tryouts is as of 9/10/19

Questions should be directed to the parents association at jerseygators@jerseygatorsparents.com

Registration for team Members

Registration Part 1

For returning swimmers – begins after postcards are received letting you know what group

your swimmer will be in).

– swimmer info sheet needs to be submitted by August 20th to hold
your swimmers spot on the team

Swimmer information sheet – one per swimmer


For new swimmers – begins after tryouts and you receive your website user name and

– swimmer info sheet needs to be submitted by September 26th to hold
your swimmers spot on the team

Swimmer information sheet – one per swimmer


Registration Part 2

for returning and new team members will take place on the following dates:

Date: Time
Tuesday 9/10/19 4:15-5:45pm
Wednesday 9/11/19 4:15-5:45pm
Monday 9/23/19 6:00-7:30pm
Tuesday 9/24/19 6:00-7:30pm
Wednesday 9/25/19 6:00-7:30pm

Registration deposits (3 checks)
check #1 swim dues payable to Jersey Gators
check #2 parent fee payable to JG Parent Association

check #3 escrow payable to Cranford Jersey Gators (optional)

Registration deposits can also be mailed to:

Jersey Gators

c/o Christine Piatkowski

18 Chester Lang Place

Cranford, NJ 07016

In order to guarantee your team membership, it is important to get your registration deposits (3 checks in during these dates. Late registration will jeopardize your team membership. This registration is for the team portion only. You are required to register with the pool for their membership and pay their fees separately.

Registration forms can be found on the Gator Website. Registration forms include:



Team Locker Rooms

The Jersey Gator locker rooms are located in the rear of the facility for the boys and past the babysitting room for the girls. Swimmers are NOT permitted to use the front locker rooms for swim practice changing. This facility rule exists because of the large number of swimmers in a short period who use the lockers, changing and showering areas creating a shortage for other facility members. There should be no swim bags, clothing, etc in the front locker rooms. Please bring these items to the bleachers on the pool deck. This rule will be strictly enforced and failure to adhere to these rules can result in termination of your swim team and pool memberships.

Membership Cards

Upon completion of your pool registration, you will receive your membership card. This card will be required for presentation in order to gain admittance to the facility.

Gator Grid Iron

The Gator Grid Iron is Sunday 12/8/19.

All families are required to work a session even if your swimmer is not participating. This is our one and only fundraising meet. Please mark your calendar. Families with 1 swimmer are required to work session, families with 2 or more swimmers are required to work 2 sessions (2 parents can work the same session)

Team Spirit Items

The Jersey Gator Parent Association has purchased a variety of items that will be available for sale throughout the season. Items will be available during registration, at all home meets, at the Gator Grid Iron. All proceeds go to the Jersey Gator Parent Association. The Jersey Gator Parent Association in return gives back 100% of the profits to the swimmers. The profits pay for items such as the end of the season team gift, and banquet for our swimmers, socials throughout the seasons and purchasing equipment used at home meets.

Team Suits

Metro Swim shop will be at the Cranford Pool on Sunday TBD from TBD. Team suits along with other swim gear will be available for purchase. If you are unable to attend, orders can be placed by calling the swim shop at 908-647-8121.

The Parent Association will also have a table set up with team spirit apparel for purchase.

Communications with Coaches

If you have any questions or concerns the following steps should be taken to resolve the issue:

  1. Speak to your swimmers coach before or after practice.
  2. If the issue is not resolved you can speak with Coach Lou before or after practice. You can also email him at loupetro@hotmail.com.
  3. If the issue is still not resolved after speaking with Coach Lou you can speak with Anne Dolan (Pool Facility Manager) or Stephen Robertazzi (Director). This should be a last resort only.

It is very important that you first give the swimmers coach and then Coach Lou a chance to resolve any issue before going further.

Please do not try to talk to the Coach’s during practice as their attention needs to be focused on the swimmers.

Placement of Swimmers in Practice Groups

All swimmers will be re-evaluated during the first two weeks of indoor practice and appropriate group changes will be made.

Placement of swimmers into practice group is based on many factors, both objective and subjective, and is done at the discretion of the Gator coaching staff.

The following are some of the factors considered in determining in which group a swimmer will be placed:

  • skill level
  • training history
  • level of commitment
  • meet attendance and performance
  • attitude and emotional maturity
  • physical maturity
  • age
  • number of openings in each practice group
  • composition of swimmers in each practice group

While age is listed as a factor in determining group placement, it is not one of the main factors. Swimmers will be placed in the groups that the Gator coaching staff feel will provide each individual with the best opportunity for learning and development in the program.

In no way does group placement communicate the coaches’ belief about a swimmer’s potential. A swimmer’s group is not meant to be a predictor of future success, nor an indicator of his/her worth to the team or to the coaches.

Your child’s placement may change throughout the season, at the coach’s discretion. Any questions concerning your child’s placement or practice group should be directed to your child’s coach or to Coach Lou.

Coaches will have the final say in which group a swimmer is placed.