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**This is an invitational meet and all Gator swimmers are welcome to swim.

**There are NO minimum qualifying times. The only requirement is the swimmer must have a time as NJ swimming does not allow NT as an entry time

**There is an entry fee of $4 per event. Your swimmer may swim up to 3 events. If you sign up your swimmer to swim you are responsible for the entry fees whether they swim or not

**If you do not have an escrow account set up entry fees are due to the Chris P. or meet entry folder by friday 10/21 avoid a $20 late fee. Checks should be made payable to “Cranford Jersey Gators”


It is understood that you don’t have times for events to date. When signing up, please choose events that you plan on swimming at the dual meets on 10/22, 11/12, or 11/19 as a NT (no time) can’t be used to enter the meet.

**If you do not get your entries in by 7:30pm Thursday 10/13, there are no guarantees that your swimmer will be able to swim in the meet (parents will still be required to work their sessions). Each session has a swimmer limit AND time limit imposed by the pool that Tara has to adhere to. Entries are entered on a first come basis until the session fills. As a reminder popular meets fill quickly and this is a popular meet.

**Warm-up and start times for session 2 and 3 are approximate and can be an hour or so earlier or later. Exact times will be available around Wed 11/30

**Swimmers age for this meet is calculated as of 12/4/16

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